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The Cambridge History of Christianity 9

The Cambridge History of Christianity 9.pdf

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C H R I S T O P H E R A B E L teaches Latin American history at University college, London, and
has written extensively on Latin America and the Caribbean of the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries. He has research interests in the history of religion, politics, social
policy and health-care; he has published Politica, iglesia y partidos en Colombia (Bogota┬┤,
1987), various co-edited books on the history of social policy, and contributions to such
multi-volume works as the Cambridge History of Latin America and the UNESCO
General History of Latin America.
A L L A N A N D E R S O N is Professor of Pentecostal Studies at the university of Birmingham,
specialising in Pentecostalism and Independency in Africa and Asia. He is the author of An
introduction to Pentecostalism (Cambridge, 2004), African reformation (Trenton, NJ, 2001) and
Zion and Pentecost (Pretoria, 2000), and co-edited Pentecostals after a century (Sheffield, 1999)
and Asian and Pentecostal (Oxford, 2005).
P E T E R J. B O W
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