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Meinardus Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity

Meinardus Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity.pdf

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TODAY, the Coptic Church is experiencing an unprecedented renaissance. It is the purpose of this volume to unfold this story and
acquaint the visitor to the land of the Nile with one of the most
remarkable developments of world Christianity toward the end of the
second millenium.
The history of Christian Egypt begins with the traditions of the visit
of the holy family to Egypt, which were circulated to fulfill the Old
Testament prophecy "When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and
called my son out of Egypt" (Hos. 11:1). The feast of the coming of
the Lord to Egypt (June 1) is one of the important feasts for many
Egyptian Christians. Undoubtedly, Egyptians filled with the gifts of
the Holy Spirit on the first day of Pentecost returned to their homes
along the Nile Valley (Acts 2:10) and established there the first Christian communities. The Copts regard Saint Mark the Evangelist as the
founder of their church. In Alexandria he preached and suffered
martyrdom. The theolo
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