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Jensen - Face to face Portraits of the divine in early Christianity 2005

Jensen - Face to face Portraits of the divine in early Christianity 2005.pdf

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the eternal.~ These portraits say as much about the painter's skill and
insight as they do about the model's pt'rsonality or aspirations, and the
faces of these ordinary persons indeed have boxome eternal in their way.
Van Gogh's models appear on postcuds sold in nearly every art bookshop in the world, their faces as familiar to us as certain celebrities or
pop stars.
The fascination with trying to "capture the soul~ of an individual by
making a physical likeness coexists wilh art itself. From Egyptian mummies to Byzantine icons to the work of such twentieth-century photographers as Alfred Steigleitz, Richard Avedon, and Diane Arbus, portraits
have been private and intimate, pub Ii, and monumental, huge and tiny,
religious and s<'Cular. They might show the whole human form or
merely a disembodied face. Sometimes portraits had utilitarian purposes such a~ rewrding the phy~ical appearance of prince&> candidate~
for dynastic marriage; others guarded the family as tutelary spirits
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