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Hans Kung - Islam Past, Present and Future - 2008

Hans Kung - Islam Past, Present and Future - 2008.pdf

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Making people capable of dialogue
Of course in view of the wealth of publications about Islam, one might ask why
yet another big book on the subject is needed. If one has worked intensively on
Islamic literature, the question becomes even more pressing. What is the real
interest, the distinctive proļ¬le, indeed the sense of such an undertaking? There
are plenty of cultural histories of Islam and religious and political histories in
many languages. However, I am not writing this book as a cultural historian or
a historian of religion, or a historian of politics or law. I am writing it in order to
help people to engage in dialogue in this decisive transitional phase towards a
new relationship between the civilizations, religions and nations, so that
whether they are Christian, Muslim or secular; politicians, business leaders or
culture-makers; teachers, clergy or students, they may be able to assess the
world situation better and react to it better. This cannot be done without an
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