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Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture.pdf

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The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture has
been developed in response to the growing interest
in Japan beyond a specialised readership of
teachers, researchers and students in area studies.
Japanese culture is now a frequent element of
courses in areas as diverse as communication and
media, business management, comparative popular culture, cinema, global cultural economy and
gender studies. The encyclopedia is intended to be
an accessible reference for both specialist readers
and a more general reader seeking information on
a specific topic or wanting an overview of a theme
or area of contemporary Japanese culture. A reader
can locate information on an individual film maker
or film, or develop an overview of Japanese
cinematic practice and the film industry. A lead
essay on postwar social and political movements
will offer a detailed history from 1945 to the late
1990s, and also guide the reader to shorter more
focused entries on particular campaigns and
organisations. The r
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