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Wine Australia Magazine Oct Dec 2008

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The benefit of such an approach can only serve to deepen the
appreciation of Australian wine, and in many senses it is the next
logical step and the timely extension of our existing story.
In 1989 Hugh Johnson wrote in The Story of Wine that “Australia is
the France of the southern hemisphere: there seems to be no limit
to her potential (enormously reinforced by modern technology) for
producing ideally-balanced, delicate wine very much in the French style
(though with original touches of her own). But potential alone has never
been enough. Fine wine has only been made at moments in history
when the market has asked for it.”
Surely now is such a time. In London, New York and Hong Kong
earlier this year, Wine Australia hosted several tastings to showcase
some of Australia’s best wines. None of these tastings had a finite list,
however each tasting did have an audience of high-profile trade and
media keenly debating not IF Australia made great wines, rather what
their top 20 would be. Thi
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