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Wine Australia Magazine June July 2007

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Directions recommendations taking shape
Sam Tolley, AWBC Chief Executive
I am delighted to report that industry response
to the Directions to 2025 strategy has been
overwhelmingly positive, providing a strong
endorsement for the proposed way forward and
for 18 months of hard work by a lot of people.
The Corporation has wasted no time moving on the
recommendations for which it is responsible,
particularly those relating to market intelligence and the marketing of
Australian wine.
Leading the way is the rollout of the Wine Australia brand segmentation
strategy by our international Wine Australia offices. Initial feedback from
winemakers, retailers and consumers supports our focus on four wine
“personalities” or sub-brands, and I believe this approach will re-assert
Australia’s reputation as the leading innovator in wine marketing.
Most importantly, the strategy reflects the changes in consumer and
retail patterns that Directions research revealed. The consumer trends
report in the online
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