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Wine Australia Magazine Jan Mar 2009

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Industry must be ready to
capitalise on opportunities
John Moore AO, AWBC Chairman
As I look back on the past 12 months and forward to the next it is
impossible to ignore the turbulence that has swept through
international financial markets and its impact on what was already
a difficult trading environment.
However, I do not wish to dwell on those issues here. Rather I would like
to highlight the fact that, despite the challenges we face, segments of
the industry are prospering.
As I said in my address to the AWBC’s 22nd AGM on 4 December, I am
optimistic that we can survive this turbulent period and emerge stronger,
with the right mix of business fundamentals in place.
Our challenges are not unique, but the level of cooperation that we can display to succeed may
well prove to be our winning hand. Now more than ever, the industry must remain vibrant,
dynamic, innovative and inclusive.
We need to challenge existing perceptions and excite people about the quality and d
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