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James Tiptree - The Girl Who Was Plugged In

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“Partly. Why did you buy your particular body-li?”
“I never had a body-li, sir.”
Mr. Cantle owns; what gutters do they drag for these Remotes?
“Well, what brand of water do you drink?”
“Just what was in the faucet, sir,” says Delphi humbly. “I—I did try to boil it—”
“Good God.” He scowls; Tesla stiffens. “Well, what did you boil it in? A cooker?”
The shining yellow head nods.
“What brand of cooker did you buy?”
“I didn’t buy it, sir,” says ightened P. Burke through Delphi’s lips. “But—I know
the best kind! Ananga has a Burnbabi, I saw the name when she—”
“Exactly!” Cantle’s fatherly beam comes back strong; the Burnbabi account is a
strong one, too. “You saw Ananga using one so you thought it must be good, eh?
And it is good or a great human being like Ananga wouldn’t be using it. Absolutely
right. And now, Delphi, you know what you’re going to be doing for us. You’re going
to show some products. Doesn’t sound very hard, does it?”
“Oh, no, sir …” Baffled child’s stare; Joe gloats.
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