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Digital library 8FILES was created to let users around the world share useful text information like ebooks, documents, templates, presentations, laws, different research papers, essays etc.

Why 8FILES stands out of the line with the similar libraries?


Our team is convinced that 8FILES is “made by users for users service”, so those who take part in creating interesting useful content in the library must be rewarded. At this moment library offers $0.50 for each 1000 views of uploaded file (it’s a test amount, we believe in the future this reward will increase up to 30-50% of profit that is generated by uploaded files). You take part – you get reward, fair enough, right?

The search index grows day by day, users from different countries around the world upload files to the library and they immediately appear on the website. 8FILES in not a bookstore, it’s user-generated and user-friendly search engine, like Google only for ebooks and documents. On 17th June 2015 library has 585’324 files and supports the following formats: doc, docx, odt, pdf, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, fb2, epub (more will be added in 2015-2016). We let our users upload and download free ebooks online, read books online, find good books to read, share it on social media. Users can find in the library useful information for work and business like invoice templates, resume templates, presentations; for education – essays and dissertations and so on.

What you usually do when you need an ebook or a document? An average user goes to one of the famous search engines, types query and get the results, but do these results correct? Of course NO! Almost every website owner in the world uses SEO (search engine optimization – tricks that help website to appear higher in the search results, just a very simple example: if your query is “library”, the webpage that includes 10 times word “library” will be higher in results than webpage that includes the same word only 5 times) – that’s a number one enemy for all search engines developers. So you get the incorrect results and here starts the quest “Which of these websites really has the ebook that I searched for?” Sometimes you get it from the first attempt, but usually you don’t… You visit 2-5 sites (doorways, fishing websites, affiliates that are seo-optimized for query you have typed) and only then get what you looked for. You’re so happy, you downloaded file! But wait... It is packed in zip archive… You extract files and what do you see? There’s some trash inside!! Yes, that happens all the time to all of us. That’s why we decided to develop library 8FILES – fast and useful library for free ebooks and documents with no SEO, archives and all that stuff.

Looking for file with text? Welcome to 8FILES – find and get files 8 times faster than you do it with any other search engine!

In addition to the full text search feature, 8FILES library has a lot of useful options: online preview to read books online; personal online library where you can add your favorite ebooks and documents or the ones you plan to read; private files storage with many options (folders, access limits, passwords, sharing etc.); cool internal short links service 8f.by; other premium options. We believe 8FILES must become the biggest ever and most useful library in the world. Actually that’s the reason we ask users to write some descriptions to all documents and ebooks that they upload to library and tag them. Information must be useful, structured and easy to find for everyone – this is the key to success!

Library has it’s own blog with posts about popular books, upcoming books reviews, articles about public libraries, digital libraries, kindle ebooks reviews, free ebooks ratings, best books to read and other topics that might be interesting for our users.

number of files in the system 585,469
Upload useful files and get the reward

Contribute files that were useful for you to 8files.com, so that people around the world can easy find and use them too. Get the rewards for your files. Let's create the biggest ever source of knowledge together!

15,952 users already uploaded files
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