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8FILES.COM was developed for free file uploading and sharing without limits.

Literally - no limits. We all know Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc., but none of these services provide everything you need with unlimited access. So our goal was to create free file hosting with these key features:

  1. Free file uploading
  2. Free file sharing
  3. Ability to upload and send large files
  4. Short links
  5. No upload or download speed limits
  6. Personal private file storage and loyalty program

Startup 8FILES – an internet hosting service that is specifically developed to store files. 8FILES allows users around the world to upload files for free, share and access these files across different devices. Currently 8FILES supports HTTP protocol for free file sharing, but we have plans to allow FTP too. Many file formats can be previewed before downloading (including pdf, docx, and xlsx), and we will be developing previewing of other file formats later in 2017.

Files uploaded by guests become public automatically. Ifa user needs private personal storage, it’s simple –they can get this feature by registering for free. Personal file storage lets users protect their files with a password.

8FILES is a one-click file hosting: the user simply selects a file, and receives a short link to it (on the domain 8f.by). 8FILES will host these files forever, unless the user deletes them or there is intervention by a third party due to risk.

Although 8FILES provides free file sharing, our company respects copyright. Administrators will delete copyrighted material if notified by owners or representing parties through a DMCA takedown notice.

In addition to free services, 8FILES is in the process of developing a marketplace where users will be able to monetize or sell their content to meet the needs of the entire file sharing industry.

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